For Art lovers, and Art lovers to be!

Revealing local artwork outside of the traditional model. 

Studio Home presents a growing collection of limited edition and original works by some of New Zealand's most exciting artists.
From our online gallery we consistently add new work of popular established artists as well as supporting and fostering our treasured collection of emerging artists.

Within our ART HOUSE pop up project, we offer a series of physical art pop ups in Christchurch, presenting work in a casual, comfortable domestic environment, stepping outside of the traditional white walled gallery space. 
Coming soon, you will have the opportunity to browse group work in a series of off site; 'capsule' ART HOUSE shows with our special partners across the country. 

There is an emotional thrill in finding a piece that will hang in your home for life.

In a sense you are purchasing someone elses "point of view" of the world that rings true for you. Colour, texture, shape, subject matter and the artists themselves may be what attracts you, but the biggest hurdle can be giving yourself permission to purchase something that you can't wear, or drive, or use.

Art purchases are investments in your own happiness - there's nothing complicated about it. 

All art represented on this site and through my projects is personally selected as something I would hang in my own home. Obviously this is highly subjective and there are many fantastic local artists out there beyond who I have chosen to work with. By maintaining a highly curated collection I hope to create a place that can be a go-to for those of your that share my tastes so you are able to return time again to find something special for yourself or someone you love.
That if you can appreciate one artist, you may appreciate all of them in their own way. 

Julia x 


Julia Atkinson-Dunn of Studio Home

Julia Atkinson-Dunn 

Art lover, champion and treasurer.

Art and the people that make it were unconsciously central to my interests from the very beginnings of my design blog; Studio Home in 2008. 
Over the following 11 years my most satisfying posts were providing introductions to artists and I valued my connections with them hugely! 

I was lucky to enjoy a wildly creative childhood and despite dropping out of art in 5th form - a career in interior design, my writing and photography has allowed me to stay satisfying ensconced in the industry. In more recent years I wrote and toured a social media workshop specifically aimed at creative small businesses, however, naturally as I headed down the road of a one-on-one strategy consulting I found myself losing touch with the community I had set out to serve. 
This is something I have now set out to recapture. 

In late 2018 I was given the opportunity to work with one of my absolute favourite artists; Fleur Wickes by hosting a pop up art sale at my home in Christchurch. 

This proved pivotal.

The first "ART HOUSE" revealed itself as a dream project. Inviting people into my home to browse art AND meet the artist herself felt like my years of writing leaping into "real life". I might be hopeless at remembering loved ones birthdays but my ability to absorb and share the stories of artists, their point of view and process seems to have unrivaled space in sit in my brain! Sorry fam!

On the flipside, connecting artists work to others is what spurred me on to continue and expand this side of my business. 
ART HOUSE - the pop ups ( a total of 6 now), online gallery, poster project and interior designers resource is propelled entirely by my passion to open "non gallery" doors to everyday people. 

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